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Level Up Your Direct Messaging Strategy on Facebook

by Leslie Fowle | Nov 01, 2017
Facebook has been working hard to push (and monetize) its direct messaging platform, Messenger, since it became a standalone app in 2011. Messenger now has 1.3 billion monthly users. While the majority of these users may be sending selfies with the cute cat filter, the space is ripe for capitalization by small businesses wanting to start a conversation with consumers. (Ahem, Realtors®.)

Since 2011, Facebook Messenger has been hard at work adding paid features that businesses can take advantage of to reach their current and future customers. If you’re familiar at all with Facebook advertising, you may have noticed the option to place ads in the direct messenger. Read on to learn the ways you might be able to incorporate these paid direct messaging options into your advertising strategy:

  1. Sponsored Messages,” although currently in testing and only available to a handful of advertisers, represent an interesting pivot for Facebook Messenger. The tool will allow for brands to pay for direct messages to consumers who have previously engaged with them on the app. Though some have criticized the move, saying messages from brand with dilute the experience for users who use the app to connect with friends and family, it remains a promising tool for businesses who want to reach consumers directly.
  2. Perhaps the easiest route to encourage consumers to chat with you is a simple Click To Message ad. Facebook has added a “Message” button you can add to any of your promotions that will open a pop-up chat window with your business.
  3. Finally, this July, Facebook added the option to buy display ads within the chat inbox. This provides a less intrusive option to reach consumers in the Messenger setting, without the well, pushiness of push notification.