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{from the editor} Looking Back

by Eric Berman | Nov 01, 2017
It was the fall of 2007 and I had been in my role at the Massachusetts Association of Realtors® for little over eight months and we were in Providence, Rhode Island at the Annual Conference & Tradeshow. This was my first time at the conference and what we now call the Professional Awards Reception.
As we were getting closer to the start of the awards event, I remember being in the staff room making sure I had all the scripts prepared for the night (my main role in the event at the time). I was making last-minute updates while being mindful not to leave old copies lying around. I certainly didn’t want to spill the beans in my first year!

I had been to plenty of awards banquets in the past, but never  the Realtor® of the Year! It was exciting and I was nervous for sure. Ten years later, my pulse still quickens as we get closer to “show time!”

While each event takes on its own vibe and feel, the purpose of the night remains the same. It is to honor those who’ve made a difference to the Association, their fellow Realtors®, and the community at large. You can’t help but come away with a good feeling about Realtors® after attending the awards ceremony. In fact, I highly recommend you go if you have the chance.

On page 12 you’ll get to meet our 2017 award winners including Barbara Davis-Hassan, this year’s Realtor® of the Year and the first state winner representing the Realtors® Commercial Alliance of Massachusetts. In addition to Barbara, you’ll meet our Distinguished Service Award winner, Good Neighbors, and our Real Estate Educator of the Year. While the names change each year, the people who win these awards always make the association and the community better. 

In his final column as 2017 MAR President, Paul Yorkis recaps the year and touches on some MAR activities that have taken place that you might not have heard about yet.

Finally, we thought it might be an interesting idea to reach out to the winner of the 2007 MAR Realtor® of the Year Laurie Cadigan to write this issue’s Insider Column. In her column, Laurie looks back on the 10 years since she won and what it means to her to volunteer.