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Realtors® and Education

by Paul Yorkis | Aug 30, 2017
When I became a Realtor® in 1991 there was only one form of agency, no wide use of cell phones, fax machines, personal computers and there was no Internet (not like we know it today). Our industry has changed a great deal.
Consumers in 1991 depended upon Realtors® for information about the property and depended upon Realtors® for getting into the property and depended upon Realtors® to write an offer. 

Our industry has changed a great deal.

Consumers today can access a wide range of information about a property, community, and school system on their own using a smart phone. They can view the exterior of a property and neighborhood over the Internet.

Consumers today can access a great deal of information about each of us as individuals and as Realtors®.

So why do consumers seek Realtors® to sell or buy a home?

I think it is because smart consumers know that Realtors® know the real estate industry, the market, and know how to best represent their consumers' interests.

Our value to a consumer is our knowledge and our skill in applying that knowledge.

With all of the technology available to the general public and to each of us I still believe we work in a person-to-person industry where our knowledge, people skills, and negotiating skills are more important than ever before.

When we attend a Massachusetts Association of Realtors® Conference and Tradeshow we gain knowledge
and improve our skills to better serve our clients.

When we earn a designation like Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) or become a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) we are acquiring skills and information that we use in our daily work with our clients.

Realtors® are knowledge workers. We know how to acquire, analyze, and share information with our clients so they can make the most informed decision possible.

We also know how to negotiate on behalf of our buyer and seller clients to get to "yes" when that is in the best
interest of both parties.

Our industry is constantly changing and the investment of your time and your money to become the best possible Realtor® in this everchanging environment is very much appreciated.

Remember, when you wear your Realtor® “R”, you are showing your clients, your fellow members, and every person you come across each day, that you are more than just a real estate agent; you are a Realtor®!