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Build Your Brand on Instagram – Online Exclusive

by Marci James, Social Media and Industry Outreach Manager, | Mar 23, 2017
These additional Instagram tips are meant to be read with the corresponding Insider column in the March-April issue of the Bay State Realtor® print magazine. Get your issue of Bay State Realtor® and combine all ten tips together for maximum brand-boosting results!
  1. Use lots of relevant hashtags. The appropriate use of hashtags is one of the fastest ways to grow your following. On Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. My rule of thumb is to use as many RELEVANT hashtags as you can come up with!You can view the top 100 hashtags on any given day at These are great to use when they are relevant to the content you are sharing. Additionally, use relevant geographic and industry hashtags, and create and use your own hashtags!For example, #CoralSpringsHomesForSale #ILoveCoralSprings #AtHomeInCoralSprings#CoralSpringsOpenHouse
  2. Use emoticons. Posts with emoticons receive more engagement! These little smiley faces (insert J) activate the same part of the brain as a real human smiling face.Studies also show that people remember more of what they read when the text included emoticons.And finally, they are simply fun to use. You can express your personality and add humor to any post with the right emoticon.
  3. Use short descriptions.Don’t make your image descriptions too long.This can be difficult if you’re using 25 or 30 hashtags.Instagram will not let you create paragraphs or spaces between lines, but I have a little trick. I write my short text description then hit >period<, >enter<, >period<, >enter<, >period<, >enter<, >period<, >enter<.Next I type the hashtags.See an example here! The result is a nice clean looking post with a short description and the hashtags organized down below.Best of all, the hashtags are not visible when the post is being viewed in the Insagram feed.
  4. Post consistently.I use a handy little scheduling tool to help me stay consistent. Buffer is a free app that will allow you to create and schedule posts from your computer, then share them from your phone. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that typing out all those hashtags is much easier on the computer than it is on the phone!Buffer allows me to create posts ahead of time, so I always have something ready to share.
  5. Share links. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you cannot add a hyper link to your post. But you CAN change the link in your bio as needed, and ask people to click it. For instance, share an image of a new listing and write “Click the link in my bio for more information on this property”.