Bay State REALTOR® Technology

Why Mobile Is Important in Real Estate
In the next year, mobile phones will bypass desktop computer sales and become the primary platform for Internet browsing. Make sure you have a useful and effective mobile website.

Protecting and Caring for Your New Laptop or Tablet
August is the best time of year to purchase a new laptop or tablet. Learn the best options to extend the life of your new device and how to keep it clean .

Cloud Storage Comparison
This is an exciting time for Realtors taking advantage of the cloud storage services online.

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is a visual social media website that lets you organize and share all of the interesting things that you find on the web. See are a few real estate-related items you can add to your Pinterest.

Facebook Timeline – What Does it Mean for REALTORS®?
Facebook Timeline has officially rolled out to business pages and interactions with followers have significantly changed allowing businesses to get more creative with their marketing and branding.

Securing Your Android Smartphone
Mobile device threats are on the rise. So, what is a REALTOR or business professional to do?

Social Media's Plus One: How Google+ Can Help Boost your SEO Rankings
It’s not surprising that after Google took the reins off their newest Social Media platform, that REALTORS® would start to consider what effect it would have on their websites’ search engine rankings.

The Insider: Let the Tools Show Your Expertise
We all have seen how sellers and buyers are being very cautious in choosing a Realtor®, so it’s important to convince them of our expertise.Over the years,

Social Media: Reap the Benefits without Burning Out
Five tips to staying active on social media.

HTML5 is coming. Are you ready?
All websites are developed using HTML, which is the blueprint for the way your website is going to look and feel. There are multiple new features being integrated into HTML5 that you should be excited about