Realtors® are against imposing a room occupancy tax on short term vacation rentals. These proposals promote the creation of a new tax on all homeowners who choose to rent their homes for a short term, typically under 90 days.

These proposals would allow cities and towns to treat your private home like a hotel by allowing them to levy a room occupancy tax on any apartment, single or multiple family housing, cottage, condominium or timeshare unit. Private homeowners would then be responsible for the collection, handling, and remittance of these taxes to the Department of Revenue.

What does it mean to you? It means…

  • It could cost you money – maybe enough that it wouldn’t be worth it to rent out your home.
  • You’d be required to collect, handle and remit taxes like a business. Mistakes could mean fines.
  • It would complicate your ability to earn extra income to help make ends meet

What you can do:

  • Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose expanding the room occupancy tax to private homes