Call for Action:
Realtors®, Tell Congress to Do No Harm to Homeownership

The National Association of Realtors® has launched a Call for Action on tax reform.

We need your help to drive messages to members of Congress to do no harm to homeownership or the housing market.

Current real estate tax provisions – including the mortgage interest deduction – are vital to the housing market and economy, especially in a high-cost state like Massachusetts. If the mortgage interest deduction and real estate tax deductions were eliminated, the loss would not be a one year event; homeowners lose out on these potential savings every year.

Under the proposed plan, a decline in value as projected could mean a loss in home value of over $60,000 for the typical home owner. Not only is that not fair, but homeowners already pay 83% of all federal income taxes. Massachusetts homeowners with mortgages currently save an average of $3,790 on their taxes. Slashing the vital real estate tax provisions that make this possible would have serious negative consequences for homeowners in our state.

Please take a few seconds to respond to this Call For Action. Let’s make our voices heard!

Spread the Word

When talking about the Call For Action online, please include the #taxreform and #realtorparty hashtags.

This allows Massachusetts Realtors® and NAR to find your content and re-share it!

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Where Does Your Local Board Stand?

Contact your members of Congress now through the link above to complete the Call for Action and boost your local association's participation rate!

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