The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®, in partnership with your local REALTOR® Association, has developed an online learning center where you can take FREE courses toward renewal of your license from your home or office computer.

All continuing education (CE) courses offered through the Online Education Center are state-certified for the continuing education requirements needed to maintain an active real estate license in Massachusetts. The Online Education Center also hosts additional courses earning REALTOR® designations and certifications, plus other professional development topics. The purpose of this article is to help you get started in three easy steps.

What you need to get free access to the Online Education Center:
– E-mail Address
– Active License Number

Any active member can fi nd their National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS) number either on the Bay State REALTOR® or REALTOR® magazine label, by accessing NRDS search on (link provided in Resources), by contacting MAR Customer Service at 800-725-6272, or by contacting your local REALTOR® Association.

To get started, visit MAR’s Online Education website. A link to this page has been provided in the resource section of this article. This webpage contains a list of all the local boards, plus some frequently asked questions about the Online Education Center. To start the registration process, select your local board from the list provided.

Selecting your board will then bring you to the catalog of courses available.Along with the course list, this page also provides a link to create your account. Select “Create an Account” and follow the instructions on the form. Make sure to enter in your correct license and NRDS numbers. This information is necessary because your name and license number must appear on your CE course completion certificate. We use the NRDS number to verify that you have an active Realtor® membership so the course can be offered to you for free.

Non-members do NOT have a NRDS number, so they can continue to register as non-members and pay the appropriate fee. After your registration has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Once your account has been created, you are ready to register for a course. From the account registration page, you can view all CE courses by selecting “Massachusetts CE Courses” under the “E-Learning” menu on the left-hand side. Make a selection from the list and then add it to your cart. To receive CE credit, you must check the appropriate box on the CE Options window.

The checkout process is very straightforward. Even though the courses have prices associated with them, if you are an active member you will not be asked for credit card information or charged.

After the checkout process has been completed, you will be provided with a link to the “Learner Home” section of the platform. This link is also provided in your registration e-mail. This section hosts courses you’ve purchased, completed, or are currently taking.

To begin a course, simply click “Launch” next to the course name on the “Learner Home” page under “My Products.” The course is entirely Internetbased, so you only need a browser and high-speed Internet connection. You can stop a course at any point and return to it at a later time. The course remains in your “Learner Home” and the system will remember where you left off.

Additionally, the system has an internal timer that prevents you from going too fast or completing the course in a time shorter than the required two hours. When the timer shown in the lower-left corner of a slide reaches
zero, you are allowed to advance to the next slide. If you have a question or comment about any of the course content, access the Forum or use the “Submit a Question” option at the end of the course. To view the list of completed courses and to see your certificate of completion, visit the “Learner Reports” section of the “Learner Home” page.

Contact MAR Customer Service at 800-725-6272 for website issues. For technical trouble, look for the Help button or contact Learning Library customer support found within the Online Education Center.

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