Online Exclusive: How to Get Involved in Your Association

by Eric Berman | Jan 25, 2019
2019 MAR President Anne Meczywor has worked her way up the volunteer ranks from volunteering on a local association committee, to serving as chair of a National Association of Realtors® Committee to her current term as 2019 state president. If volunteering for the Realtor® Association is something you’re interested in, Anne has some advice.

“The one thing I’d recommend is not to jump into the deep end right from the start. Find a committee that interests you and build your skills,” she said. “The key is to listen, contribute, but not take over. Learn from the people that have years of experience and other perspectives and then you can figure out where your skills can be put to good use. And build on that.” 

Anne also believes it’s a good idea to find committees that deal with subjects outside your comfort zone to broaden your skills. “Don’t be afraid to branch out and find something you don’t have experience in, but still can get involved,” she said.  “Go to national conferences and sit in on the meetings and find out what they really do.”  

One of the benefits of sitting in on meetings is that it gives you a good perspective on how the Realtor® Association operates at all levels. “When you volunteer on a committee, you get to see what goes on behind the scenes that most people don’t realize happens to make this organization run,” said Anne. “Committees are a critical component of making the Association work and it’s to benefit all of us.”