From the Editor: Transitions

by Eric Berman | Jan 25, 2019

I know I’ve mentioned before that sometimes these columns can be difficult to write, and this issue’s column is one of those times. It’s not because I have a lack of something to say, but rather because I’m writing it to say ‘so long and good luck’ to MAR CEO Rob Authier, the only boss I’ve had since I started my career at MAR in 2007. 

Rob’s last day as MAR CEO was November 30 (and between publishing cycles). He left after a total of 23 years (in two stints) at MAR and over 40-plus years as part of the Realtor® Association family. Of course, my fellow co-workers and I are excited for him and his next adventure, but I’m sad to see him go. 

Working with Rob meant working with someone who was highly regarded by his peers across the country, volunteer leaders, and by his own professional staff. Personally, having a fellow “PR guy” as a boss was like hitting the jackpot; we simply “got” each other. There is no question that his guidance and mentorship has made me better at what I do. 

Finally, if it’s “all about timing,” then Rob did it right. He got to welcome the Realtor® family to Boston for NAR’s Annual Conference & Expo this past November. The last time it was in Boston was 1929. It only took 89 years for the event to come back to town! 

One exciting transition that we are used to here at MAR every January 1, is the change in MAR leadership. In the January/February issue, you'll get to meet 2019 MAR President Anne Meczywor and the 2019 Leadership Team and Executive Committee. Anne is from the Berkshires, and over her three yearscommuting as part of the MAR Leadership Team she got to know the entire state very well. It’s that experience that Anne is using as her theme for 2019. Check out the online exclusive for additional fun facts about Anne. 

Keeping with the theme of transitions, please read managing editor Leslie Fowle’s “Ask a Millennial” column. While she started this series out focusing on technology and social media, it has transitioned into focusing on information you should know or consider when working with millennials. This issue’s column “Are Millennials Interested in Becoming Realtors®?” looks at the latest research and whether millennials are considering careers in real estate. 

Tenacity Wins the Day: 

I'm happy to report that in November, MAR Past President Paul Yorkis, MAR Charitable Foundation Chair Frank Bertolino along with State Representative Jeff Roy, presented the required 750 completed applications to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for MAR’s “Welcome Home” license plate. It’s been a long journey, and it took the dedication of many Realtors®, professional staff and friends including Senate President Karen Spilka and Richard Rossman from Fairway Mortgage, but the plates will become a reality.  

Once produced, the plates will create an ongoing funding source for MAR’s Charitable Foundation, which has awarded more than $415,500 in grants to victims of natural disasters, as well as financial assistance to Massachusetts-based non-profit organizations, home buyer counseling agencies, and shelter and emergency care services to persons transitioning from temporary to permanent housing. 

Here’s to a great 2019!